Advisor Notes was built by David Kimbley, a Senior Analyst and Developer with Kimbley Systems. The program is advisor driven, created with significant input from several advisors. The system is tailor fit to Financial Advisor’s needs.

Advisors and/or support staff can pre-enter any upcoming meetings ahead of time. It also serves as a reminder for any uncompleted notes missed by the advisor.

After the meeting, the Advisor completes the notes utilizing the appropriate headings. Within each section, the advisor can use a templated/scripted note. For example, select a COI referral to your lawyer and assign to the appropriate assistant. In addition to templated notes, each section provides a free flow form as each client meeting is unique.

Advisor notes also stores Zoom annotation notes with ease. Go completely digital.

Exporting finished client notes moves the file to a closed status. Files are routinely purged from the system based on the users settings. Files can also be flagged for rescheduling.